Review of the Tasmanian Education Act

The passage of the Education Bill through the Parliament on 15 November, 2016 was a momentous step forward in improving education in Tasmania.

On 21 December 2016, the Education Bill gained Royal Assent.

An Update on the Education Bill 2016 has more information on the next steps.

We all know how important education is in helping our children reach their potential.

Key changes in our education reforms include:
  • extending the compulsory years of education and training including allowing early access to Prep
  •  more teachers and support staff in our schools
  •  upgrades to school infrastructure.
These important reforms will improve education results in Tasmania and help close the gap where currently Tasmanian students can receive up to two years less education than their interstate counterparts.

The new Education Act 2016 is available from the Tasmanian Legislation website.